Lockhart Streetwear - be different


BE DIFFERENT! #belockhart



Enjoy the casual side of life!

Are we trendy? Are we hip? Rather not! Lockhart stands for timeless, classic Streetwear!

Quality made, demanding and suitable for everybody who prefers the Casual Lifestyle.


Inspired by the style of the 90s when the „casual look“ and the Streetwear – Sneakers, Jeans, T-Shirt, Polo or Hoodie – was the appearance on the street and had influence on a whole generation and his sub cultures.

We had the idea, to turn back the time. Away from the fashion trends of the last years.

Back to the classic style, with the 90s trademarks but without the typical clichés.  


Jeans, Sneakers und LOCKHART Shirt, out on the streets and enjoy the day -

BE DIFFERENT! #belockhart